Whisky for the modern, curious drinker

Our distillery is nestled in the heart of Melbourne, Australia. Not the outback. Or a sunshine-soaked beach. Melbourne is a bustling city that celebrates unique cuisines and cultures. Here, we ditch the airs and graces and focus on flavor instead.

Barrel stacked at the Starward Distillery

That's why we use red wine barrels to mature our whisky. We source all our whisky ingredients from just a day's drive away. Then, in the wildly varied Melbourne weather, our whisky draws out its signature fruity, delicious flavor in just three short years. We call this elemental maturation and it's why we couldn't make our whisky anywhere else.

Dinner table with Starward Australian Whisky

Our Melburnian founder, David Vitale, grew up in a big Italian family. He was born and raised around a food-obsessed, flavor-forward dinner table. And he knows our whisky feels right at home at those moments spent enjoying a meal with others.

Raise a few eyebrows and bring a bottle to a BBQ. Pour it with tonic and watch jaws go to the floor. It's an eye-opening business, this new world of whisky drinking.