Limoncello Whisky Sour

Discover the refreshing Limoncello Whisky Sour, blending Starward Whisky with zesty limoncello for a unique twist on classic whisky cocktails, perfect for summer cocktails.



45ml Starward Two Fold
30ml Limoncello (we used Palllini)
30ml Lemon Juice
5-10ml Sugar Syrup (to taste)
20ml Egg Whites (or 5 drops Wonderfoam egg replacement)


Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker and dry shake vigorously. 
Add ice and shake again until foamy. 
Double strain into a rocks glass with ice. 
Add a pinch if caster sugar to the foam and use a blow torch to caramalise until bubbly and toasted to add an extra touch of sweet crunch.