A Single Barrel Program Unlike Any Other

What makes our Single Barrels the most unique in the world? It comes down to a few key ingredients and a lot of experimentation. It simply doesn’t get more Starward than this.

1. The Barrel Family Tree

The first key ingredient: The Barrels. Our whiskies are aged in barrels that are still damp with some of the world’s best pinot noir, shiraz and cabernet. Each one of our carefully selected barrels is sourced within a day’s drive of our distillery.

2. The Barrel Selection Process

Each barrel is completely unique in the characteristics they impart. American and French oak are top of the line, but that’s only the start of our selection process. With unlimited barrels to pick from, and infinite possibilities within each one, that’s the beauty of a Starward Single Barrel.

3. Elemental Maturation

The next key ingredient is Australia, herself. Melbourne is known for wild weather fluctuations, often experiencing four seasons in one day, resulting in the most exquisite expression of what we call elemental maturation. Our team of distillers work hard, but our barrels are known for being the hardest-working barrels in the world.

4. Single Malt, Meet Single Barrel

This is one of few single barrel programs that focuses only on single malt whiskies. We use premium malted barley in our spirit — no ifs, ands, or other grains about it. Then, the pure, fermented malt is double-pot distilled before it begins its flavor-filled journey in the barrel.

5. Starward's DNA

It’s impossible to pinpoint one singular thing that makes this program so special. It’s the quintessential and traditional Australian spirit making, the modern Melbourne taste, a rigorous barrel selection process and a distinct dedication to the power of the single malt.

Here you have it. The most singular Single Barrel Program in the world.

“Our Single Barrel Program is the truest expression of our Starward style. It’s a deconstruction of our core whiskies, Two-Fold and Nova. Giving you the opportunity to own a distinct piece of what makes our whisky so great.”
-David Vitale, Starward Founder


Interested in stocking a Starward Single Barrel at your store? Contact our team at
gdayusa@starward.com.au to learn about how to make your selections.