"Starward is my love letter to Melbourne." - David Vitale, Starward Founder

From the delicious food to the wild weather, Melbourne is unexpected and delightful.

Surrounded by world-class fresh wineries, we're in the best spot to scout out red wine barrels for our whisky. In fact, we source all our whisky ingredients within just a day's drive away from the distillery. The local barrels are so fresh, they're often still wet with wine when we fill them. That's what gives our liquid its signature juicy flavor and beautiful rich color.


Don't underestimate the Melbourne food scene either. Many of Melbourne's most adored neighborhood streets spill over with dining options fit for any palate. Fresh, frank and fun. And when you're surrounded some of the by the best coffee, craft beer and ridiculously delicious food (including the world's best croissant according to the New York Times), the food obsession is infectious. It's why we've always welcomed our whisky at the dinner table; in a cocktail, on the rocks or with tonic.

"Starward is my love letter to Melbourne," says Starward founder David Vitale. "Everyone should have the chance to enjoy a taste of this city."

David Vitale and head distiller Sam Slaney share Dave's favorite Starward serve, a refreshing Two-Fold and Tonic.