• Single Barrel Captain's Pick #3

Single Barrel Captain's Pick #3

Single Malt Whisky
750ml / 56.3%

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    From the world's most unique Single Barrel Program. Hand-picked by Starward's founder.

    A delicate wonder, this barrel is a 2012 American oak fresh red wine barrique. The cask was used and sourced from the Barossa Valley of Australia's wine region. This spirit gives way to bright flavors that are unexpected and adventurous. With notes of chamomile, rhubarb and honey, this complex single malt is one meant to be savored, discovered, and unraveled. The delicate mouthfeel and finish will send you falling into flavors of honeysuckle and stewed apple. Finishing with fresh white nectarine and honey, this is a single malt begging to be savored under the stars on a summer night.

    A unique expression of Starward.

    Starward Single Barrels are a special, one-off display of all the characteristics that make Starward the world's most awarded distillery. From Australian wine barrel maturation, oak selection and Melbourne's wild weather, this Single Barrel is one of Starward founder David Vitale's stand-out favorites. Available for a limited time, and one time only.

    Tasting notes

    Nose / Chamomile tea, acacia and white peaches

    Palate / Delicate mouthfeel, light bodied with flavors of honeysuckle, stewed apple and rhubarb

    Finish / Delicate, leaving a mouthcoating finish resonating white nectarine and honey

    The Single Barrel Program

    The Starward Single Barrel Program is the truest expression of our Starward style. It simply doesn't get more Starward than this.

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