The best whisky mixers to drink with Starward whisky

How do you like to enjoy Starward whisky? Whether it’s sipped straight or incorporated into a cocktail, there are plenty of ways to embrace our outrageously delicious whisky. Here to help you decide is our very own Starward Bar Manager, Soeren Poulsen. He’s the expert behind many of our tastiest Starward drinks and is happiest when working his magic behind the bar at our Port Melbourne distillery. Let’s get into it. 

Starward Solera whisky from australia with a glass of neat whisky on bright background


There certainly aren’t any hard and fast rules around drinking Starward with or without a mixer. Our focus on flavour when creating each of our whiskies means they’re versatile: they can hold their own or play well with whatever you’ve got in the fridge (that includes food, too). Soeren says it’s really about your personal taste: “I always recommend drinking Starward how you like it, if that’s with a mixer then go for gold!” he says. Soeren says a general rule of thumb is the bigger the ABV the less likely he is to add a mixer. “Except for cocktails, I tend to not mix our peated with mixers,” he adds. 


Soeren says the mixer he, and many Starward fans, can’t get enough of is tonic. We know what you’re thinking: isn’t tonic only for a G&T? Not any more. It turns out tonic and whisky are a veritable match made in heaven. This dynamic duo is so simple to make and will convert any non-whisky drinker from the moment they sip it. A Two-Fold & Tonic cocktail is rich yet refreshing, distinctive and delicious: a modern approach to the classic combination of spirit and mixer that can be enjoyed whenever you need a serving of something tasty. “Don’t forget a slice of grapefruit — yum!” says Soeren. 

Nova whisky from Starward with bright fun cocktails ready to drink and enjoy



Soeren loves keeping bar patrons on their toes, and he does this by going further for flavour when it comes to the drinks menu. The most unexpected mixer on the menu? “Our Black Paloma cocktail is a unique mix of 100 Proof, Mr. Black Double Cacao and grapefruit soda. It’s surprising and downright delicious,” says Soeren.

Mr Black with starward whisky making the perfect whisky expresso martini


Whisky curious? Soeren says adding a mixer is the perfect introduction to Starward. “If you're brand new to whisky I’d suggest starting with a dark mixer — like ginger beer or Coca-Cola — then move to a light mixer like soda, tonic or lemonade. As always I recommend getting yourself a nice mixer — some of my favourites are Capi, Fever Tree and Strangelove,” says Soeren. You could even try one of Soeren’s favourites: “I love Two-Fold and apple juice.”