White Oak Whisky Cocktail

Savour the flavours of Bourbon Cask #2 in a velvety White Oak cocktail. Combining the fruity flavours of white port with the tropical notes of charred pineapple.

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30ml Starward Bourbon Cask #2 
15ml White Port 
15ml Amontillado  
7.5ml charred pineapple syrup 
2 dashes orange bitters 
Orange for garnish 


Charred Pineapple Syrup  

200g chopped pineapple 
200g sugar 
50ml water 



Place all ingredients into a mixing glass. Add ice and stir. Strain into Nick & Nora glass and garnish with orange disk. 


Charred Pineapple Syrup 

Coat pineapple pieces in sugar and char. Add charred pineapple and remaining sugar with water in a saucepan over the stove. Cook until dissolved. Let it sit for 1 hour. Strain. 

 Secure your bottle of Bourbon Cask #2 HERE