These four summer-ready cocktails will go down a treat at this weekend’s BBQ

Summer is well and truly in full swing; the days are longer, some lucky few are still on holidays, the picnic rug is running hot and the scent of BBQs can be smelt across your neighbourhood. Life is good! Nothing beats summer entertaining – so if you’re getting ready to fire up the BBQ and throw a potato salad together while the sun is shining, then consider these fun, fresh and easy-to-make cocktails at your next gathering.  

Whisky Negroni Sbagliato

Starward says:
Who would’ve thought a cocktail most had never heard of before would take TikTok by storm? Not us! This was the hottest drink of choice last year (and probably this year, too) all thanks to an interview between two House of Dragon co-stars, Emma D’Arcy and Olivia Cook. Yes, it’s “the one with prosecco in it” – and this recipe is the one with whisky in it (AKA our Starward twist that’s well worth a try).

20ml (0.6 oz) Starward Two-Fold
15ml (0.5 oz) Campari
15ml (0.5 oz) Sweet Vermouth
60ml (2 oz) Prosecco

Pull it all together
Pop everything in a glass, add some ice, give it a good stir – that’s tasty! 

@hbomaxbr Emma D'Arcy falando "negroni... sbagliato... prosecco..." não sai da minha cabeça há 3 dias #ACasaDoDragão #HouseoftheDragon #Rhaenyra #Alicent ♬ Aceitas um negroni sbagliato - HBO Max Brasil

Citrus & Rosemary Highball

Starward says:
The perfect citrusy twist on a classic highball, this cocktail is a great welcome drink for your guests to kick off the BBQ entertaining. Adding lemon slices around the side of each glass makes it feel a little fancy, too.  

40ml (1.3 oz) Starward Two-Fold
3 dashes of Orange Bitters
Lemon slices and a rosemary sprig
Soda to top 

Pull it all together
Add all ingredients into a tall glass and fill with ice, add lemon slices and top with soda. Garnish with rosemary sprig. Enjoy!

Rosemary Highball from Starward Whisky


Whisky Smash

Starward says:
There’s nothing more summery than adding pineapple to your drink, which is why this guy made the list. If you don’t have pieces of pineapple just opt for a generous glug of pineapple juice when you shake everything together.

60ml (2 oz) Starward Nova
A couple of cubes of pineapple 
Half a lemon (cut into wedges)
A few mint leaves
Crushed ice

Pull it all together
Add the pineapple, and lemon to a cocktail shaker and muddle everything together. Add the whisky to the shaker along with some ice and shake everything together – strain into a highball glass, over crushed ice. Stir through the mint leaves, and that's how you do the smash.

Whisky Smash with pineapple from Starward Whisky

Whisky Ginger Cooler

Starward says
The ginger syrup in this recipe makes the whole drink a bit fun and gives it just the right amount of gingery sweetness which balances nicely with the whisky and lemon.

40ml (1.3 oz) Starward Two-Fold
20ml (0.6 oz) Lemon juice
15ml  (0.5 oz) Ginger syrup
Soda water to the top

Pull it all together
Add the whisky, ginger syrup and lemon juice to a glass and mix well – top up with soda water and ice and enjoy with your favourite gourmet sausage straight off the BBQ. 

Ginger Cooler Cocktail from Starward