The four glassware brands we’re loving right now

The days of boring glassware are over. There’s a whole world of interesting, unique and unexpected drinking vessels out there – you just need to know where to look (hint: this article is a great place to start). From playful coupes to colourful tumblers, we have a feeling you’ll really ‘clink’ with these. 
(Hero Image credit: Muran Tumbler @steviemichaels)

      1. Stevie Michaels
        This first set of glasses will transport you to the Amalfi Coast when you place them on that cute little outdoor setting in your sun-drenched courtyard. The story behind these striking vessels is that Venetian artisans carefully handcraft each one on the small island of Murano, Italy (Google it and just try not to book a holiday there, we dare you). Their irregular shape accented with multicoloured ‘millefiori’ details occurs through medieval hand-blown techniques on furnaces that have been used for centuries to create unique art pieces. The woman behind the designs is artist and designer Steview Michaels, who takes inspiration from her European heritage, her appreciation of colour and the joy of entertaining and breaking bread with loved ones. It seems only fitting to serve a Two-Fold on the rocks in one of these as a delicious meal (bread included) and Starward really does go hand-in-hand. 
  1. Maison Balzac
    Yes, we know what you’re thinking – these are technically champagne coupes, but they’re so damn cute and we think a freshly mixed Smoke & Mirrors Cocktail would be right at home in one of them. Made from Borosilicate glass (a type of glass that doesn’t crack under extreme temperature changes and is super durable), each coupe is hand blown which results in slight variances in size, colour and shape. When it comes to cocktail glassware it doesn’t get much more fun than these – each playful glass is adorned with jewelled multi-coloured bubbles and will probably put your plain old coupes gathering dust in the cupboard to shame.       

  1. Denver and Liely

These glasses exude sophistication; bring them out at your next dinner party and wait for the compliments to roll in – especially if there’s some diehard whisky fans amongst your guests. These glasses aren’t just designed to be a little bit sexy, oh no, they’ve also been designed to help improve your whisky-drinking experience. They’re hand-cut, hand-polished and were recently rated the number one whisky glass in the world by Forbes magazine – so yeah, they’re kind of a big deal. Not quite a traditional tumbler and not a ‘whisky snifter’, these glasses blur the line between the two. The shape seamlessly combines the versatility and style of a classic tumbler and the taste and smell benefits associated with a ‘whisky snifter’. Pour any of your favourite Starward whiskies into one of Denver and Liely’s glasses and it’ll reveal the whisky’s full character thanks to its wide base which maximises the surface area, funnelling the aromas through its tapered body to the opening. Of the glassmaking process, the brand says every single one is handblown by craftspeople with their very own breath because ‘a robot just can’t get it right, our glasses need the human spirit’.    

  1. Sophie Lou Jacobsen
    Here is a brand all about enhancing everyday rituals; their glassware brings a little drama to every sip – enhancing the overall drinking experience and looking chic while doing it. These Totem Glasses were designed with longer drinks in mind (think mixers and sodas) but also make the perfect vessel for your favourite Starward cocktail. Sophie, the woman behind the brand, designs objects, furniture and spaces and mostly uses glass as a medium. She believes that the objects which we surround ourselves with can and should be imbued with a certain poetry. She took inspiration from the colourful totem poles of postmodern design when creating these glasses.