Starward Spritz

A little dark, a little moody and a nod to the wine barrels Starward whiskies are matured in, this spritz is a fun way to mix a little full-bodied red with your favourite whisky (like Starward Two-Fold, perhaps?). It’s kind of like a New York Sour with more wine, and big splash of soda.

(2 oz) Starward Two-Fold (Gold 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition)
(.75 oz) Red wine syrup (or shiraz or other full-bodied red)
(.75 oz) Lemon juice
(4 oz) Soda


Add all the ingredients into a glass leaving the red wine until the end — pour it over the mixture for a dark swirling effect. Add a slice of lemon wedge to finish. Fancy!