• Two-Fold Gift Box + 50ml Nova

Two-Fold Gift Box + 50ml Nova

Double Grain Whisky
750ml + 50ml / 40%

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Smooth, tropical, lightly spiced.

Two-Fold is an awarded, approachable whisky crafted to be enjoyed any way you like. Sipped, shaken or stirred into a cocktail, Two-Fold is sure to deliver a delicious experience. What gold decorates this bottle? Well, Two-Fold is the Gold Medal winner of the 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Taste for yourself and become your own favorite bartender.

Try a Two-Fold and tonic and you'll start wondering why you need gin in your life.

Two-Fold was our chance to forget compromise. To make a whisky that was as affordable and approachable (and undeniably delicious) as we wanted, we had to tear up the rule book a renegade act we relished, we'll admit.

With Two-Fold, any classic cocktail is made better. Try it mixed with a Ginger Beer, as the main ingredient in your next Negroni, or learn how to
make something entirely new with this low-risk, high-reward spirit.

Tasting notes

Nose / Bright red berries coated in buttery vanilla spice.

Palate / Imagine a smooth, rich caramel dessert balanced by tropical fruit.

Finish / Delicate and long. A delicious, dry finish from a faded sweetness.

Ingredients from our backyard

We carefully select barrels from nearby vineyards making bold Aussie reds like shiraz, cabernet and pinot noir. These give our new make spirit tasty fruit, caramel and spice notes.

To keep as much of a fresh red wine flavor profile as possible, we source barrels from just a day's drive away. We either lightly char or quickly blast barrels with steam. Many are still wet with wine when we fill them, contributing to the both the flavor and the rich golden hue of our whiskies.

Obsessed with flavor.

Melbourne's "four seasons in a day" climate means Two-Fold extracts more flavour from the barrel in a much shorter time than is traditional. After just three years, both barley and wheat whiskies are ready to be expertly combined.

The next part (the drinking part) is all up to you.