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Single Malt Whisky
700ml / 52%

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Celebrate 15 Years of Whisky Innovation with Vitalis

Vitalis is a limited edition whisky that commemorates Starward's 15th anniversary. A true encapsulation of our life in a bottle, Vitalis comprises of six, hand-selected whisky parcels that all hold a special piece in Starward's story. With notes of chocolate-coated pineapples, coffee beans and tropical fruits, you'll find Vitalis nestles perfectly next to your favourite home cooked meal or sipped neat on its own. However you prefer to celebrate, we're excited for you to raise a glass with us.

A whisky that celebrates our past and looks forward to new horizons

Vitalis represents Starward’s life and how we are looking to new horizons. Named after our Founder, David Vitale, Vitalis is a signpost of David's gumption to "bet the farm" in hopes of creating a modern and accessible whisky. This dedication led to the food-friendly and approachable whisky that Starward is known for today, which Vitalis celebrates with its unique liquid story.

Tasting notes

COLOUR \ Auburn

NOSE \ Chewy toffee, raisins, chocolate coated pineapples and cedar.

PALATE \ Big & viscous, rich dried fruits, red currant, and lightly roasted coffee beans.

FINISH \ Long & oily finish with a delicate balance of fruit and oak.

A roam through our barrel hall

Our distillers roamed through our barrel hall in Port Melbourne to hand select parcels that represented Starward’s story. We wanted our red wine barrel influence to continue to be the star of the show. Then, parcels from tawny, bourbon, apera (1st fill and 2nd fill) and rum barrels were all chosen based on their connection to our 15 year journey. Our spirit matured in these barrels from a range of 4-10 years, before being carefully assembled to create a one-of-a-kind whisky.

Enjoy Vitalis as Mr Vitale would

Dave Vitale recommends serving Vitalis neat, alongside a comforting and nostalgic family meal. His personal favourite is a corner piece of homemade lasagne (with crispy bits on the edges, of course). It's also a delicious match to a generous serve of tiramasu.The aromatic notes of coffee beans from this whisky marries perfectly with the chocolatey coffee notes from the dessert.